Alarm Repairs In Sydney

If your alarm fails or your keypad beeps and you’re not sure why, we can help. Alarms might fail for a variety of reasons, including poor original installation, technical flaws with your area’s power supply, and a slew of additional issues in between.

Alarms can develop faults for various reasons, ranging from improper original installation to technical faults with your area’s power supply and a host of other problems in between.

  • Misplaced / Forgotten Access Codes
  • Physical damage to your alarm system or sensors
  • False alarms from your main alarm system
  • False alarms from smoke detectors
  • Your Keypad indicates that your system requires servicing
  • Low battery condition for wireless systems
  • If your keypad alarm system is beeping
  • If you have lost or broken your alarm remote control
  • Power supply faults and cable damage

alarm repairs
Alarm Repairs Company Sydney

Experts in all alarm repairs! Our team have been working with security systems and alarm systems since 1946, so we’ve seen everything.

Having been established in 1946, Coles Alarms is very familiar with a large variety of existing alarm systems.

We are one of the only security companies in Sydney that is willing to inspect, repair or upgrade your existing alarm system, no matter what its age.

If you have an urgent alarm repair need and wish to speak with us urgently please call Greg on 0418 260 183.

We are only a phone call away and are more than happy to send a technician to assess your existing alarm and give you friendly advice on the best fix solution.

Have specific alarm system requirements? Whether it be a standard alarm system or a custom solution, Coles Alarms can assist you to make the right choice.

Please contact us today to discuss all of your security needs and arrange for a free visit and quote from one of our technicians.

Alarm Repairs When Your Need It

Alarm repairs can be finicky and hard to work with – have us repair your alarm instead, saving you the effort and ensuring that your systems are working at their very best, guaranteed! If you’re having troubles with your home alarm or security system, we’re sure to fix it there and then.

Alarm Repairs
Alarm Repairs
Alarm Repairs