Most homeowners put some level of thought into how they can protect their home from a burglary.

This might include simple measures, such as updating doors and window locks or displaying a ’beware of the dog sign, to a more comprehensive approach like installing the latest home security system.

While everyone’s home security needs are different, technology is playing an increasingly important role with people choosing to install security technology, particularly surveillance cameras and app-enabled alarms.

Understanding how useful certain security technologies are in the event of a real-life incident is also important.

To help you make the right decision, we’ve outlined some important home security considerations so you can develop a home security plan that is best for your needs.

Protect your most valuable items

When people think of home security, there are three key things that most people are looking to protect – their family, home and possessions.

To determine what level of security and protection is required, homeowners should consider undertaking a preliminary security assessment.

This assessment should not only identify any security gaps in and around the home but also take into account you and your family’s lifestyle.

This will help you better understand what you are trying to protect and will make it easier for you to decide what layers of security you need for your home.

Consider a back-to-base, monitored home security alarm

The peace of mind that a monitored home alarm system provides can be invaluable form any people.

Knowing that there is someone ready to respond should the alarm be triggered is reassuring, particularly if you’re away on holidays or a business trip.

For those considering a monitored home security system, here are three key ways that they can help to protect your family, home and possessions.

Acts as a deterrent: burglars themselves have admitted that they tend to avoid a home if they know there is a security system installed. Coles Alarms provides customers with stickers and signs to warn potential burglars that the property is professionally protected by a monitored security system that initiates a response.

Helps minimise loss: in the event of an incident, if a burglar tries to challenge the security system, the alarm siren is immediately activated. This will startle the burglar who is then more likely to stop what they are doing and make a quick exit to avoid getting caught.

Avoid confrontation: avoid facing an intruder if the alarm is activated. If at home, the siren will alert you allowing you to make any necessary precautions. If you are away from home, a trained professional at Coles Alarms’s 24/7 monitoring centre may notify you and talk through the options available to help avoid the risk of confrontation.

Installing security cameras

Cameras capture footage of an incident, help to identify a perpetrator and provide valuable evidence of a crime.

When cameras are integrated into a back to base interactive home security system they can provide access to a real-time video feed to help you decide on the best course of action should the alarm system be triggered.

An interactive home security camera live feed can also bring additional benefits on top of a back to base security system.

For instance, homeowners can use cameras to check-in on their pets when they are out of the home, or keep an eye on their kids while they are asleep in another room.

Homeowners can also take additional steps to protect their family, home and possessions by integrating smoke detectors into their monitored home security system.

If a smoke detector is activated, an alarm will sound to caution home occupants and a signal is sent to the alarm panel. This will notify Coles Alarms’s monitoring centre who can inform the homeowner of their options, which can include alerting the relevant authorities.

To help ensure you select the right combination of home security solutions for your home, call Coles Alarm’s to arrange a free, comprehensive security assessment to determine the level of protection you require, based on your budget and risk.